Want to start a Podcast? Here is My Podcast Equipment

Hello future podcaster ! Are you currently doing your research on how to start a Podcast or which tech to buy?
I want to share with you my Podcasting Tech and Editing Tools 🎙👏 For those of you that don’t know, I have a podcast on iTunes, Spotify and iHeart Radio, ever since I became a mom I haven been struggling with finding my new voice and purpose for this podcast, but now I feel ready to share my new journey as a mompreneur, if you speak spanish and identify with moms business owners journey, this show is for you!

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Now Let’s Get Back to my Podcast Tech List:








If you have any questions about starting your podcast, or need help finding the right host so you can apply to platforms like iTunes, Spotify or iHeart Radio?

Let me know, I can help you setup the technical side of your podcast as well as your branding, storytelling, timeframe and sponsorships packages!


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